Travel Videos

In 2007 I got my passport and traveled to the Philippines with friends.  The experience changed my life and it gave me the desire to see the rest of the world.  It is so amazing to experience the culture and way of life throughout the different parts of the world.  From the night fishermen in Bohol, to swimming in the underground cenotes in Cancun, everything you see makes such a big impression.

These amazing sites have inspired me to document my trips.  I started small.  With a simple point & shoot camera taking low quality video clips.  I soon graduated to a DSLR and now I travel the world shooting as much video as I can.  
 Once I get home and start the editing process, I found that making these videos is just as rewarding as being there.  I appreciate being able to look back at these videos and also share them with you.  So I hope you enjoy them as well!