Gifomation Challenge #1

July 3, 2015 in 3d Animation

A few of my co workers have been talking about doing these short little gif challenges for about a month now.  The idea is to find a gif online and turn it into an animation.  Nothing polished, just good old fashion animation fun!

It took a little bit of searching but I settled on a short clip of Peter Dinklage’s character from the 2006 movie “Penelope” flipping off some guy in jail.  For rigs, my coworker Jason found the rigs from David OReilly’s short film “The External World” that were free to use.  With everything I needed, I created this.

Sadly not being a “.gif” expert, I learned after the fact that gif’s have lossy frame rate and compression guidelines.  Most of the 30fps animation was lost in the export (that arm pop on the left arm drives me crazy!).  This gif was uploaded at 10fps….  What a bummer…  Lesson learned.  At least next time I know to pick a shorter gif 🙂

Overall, The guys had a lot of fun with it.  We agreed we should try to make more.  Jason also created a tumblr account for us to post everything too.  So if you want to see more from me and the guys check them out here.