Animation Experience

– Ten years of Experience

– 12 games.

Highly Proficient in Maya & 3ds Max

– Proficient in Premiere & After Effects

I’ve been leaning towards a career in the animation industry all my life.  Growing up I was always drawing my favorite cartoon characters and constantly ruining all my parents’ post it notes with epic fight scenes and animation cycles.  Fast forward a few years to 1997 to the first time I ever saw Pixar’s Toy Story, and you got the exact moment I knew I wanted to be a 3d animator.  I remember feeling so amazed by the film and leaving the theater knowing that 3d was my future.

In 2001 I enrolled into a great animation academy program that had me in front of a computer for 14hours a day, seven days a week.  I lived in that computer lab, and at the end of the year I was awarded best student animation and offered an internship with the Academy to assist in the schools following year.  After the program was over, I was too nervous to move out of my hometown, but I never lost the bug to animate.  Four years later I found the art institute and made the decision to get my BA in Media Arts & Animation.

"He quickly established himself as the “go-to” guy for any of our more demanding animation projects. – Via Janry Burns"After graduating in 2007, I was picked up right out of school by Papaya Studio.  During my three and a half years with this dynamic studio, I learned a lot.  Papaya taught me how to handle a high work flow.  Working under tight schedules and hard deadlines I learned to adjust to fast paced changes and work within ever-changing timelines.  As a result, I was lucky enough to complete my first seven games in three years!  Working on popular titles like Toy Story and Ben 10 from companies with the likes of Pixar, Disney, and Cartoon Network.  My time with Papaya was eye opening, and it taught me a lot about the demands of our industry.  During that time frame, I was also able to work on small freelance projects with additional companies like Omen Studios and Tvbusa that had me creating animations of television & website broadcast.  I even stumbled into creating a cut scene animation for the Ghostbusters video game developed by Terminal Reality.

"Kris always produced great animation for me, taking direction extremely well and showing great pride in his work. – Via Mike Dietz"2011 was the Freelance experiment of a lifetime.  It had its ups and down, but it was memorable, to say the least.  I started the first part of the year working at Pencil Test Studios on a soon to be released Xbox 360 title.  My time at Pencil Test helped me evolve as an animator and gave me the confidence to tackle any animation.  Later in the year, I began working with Hour Blast Games on a social gaming project that I’m sure is going to be turning some heads!  The game is set to release on mobile and social gaming networks this spring.  It was those contracts that gave me the opportunity to see the world, which in turn gave me a stronger appreciation for my career.  Being an animator is cool in any county, and seeing people’s eyes light up once they hear what I do for a living really shows me just how lucky I am.  It’s an awesome feeling to see a copy of a game I created on the other side of the world.  The kind of feeling that makes me want to work harder than ever on any project I have the opportunity to get my hands on!


To get a more detailed overview of the games I worked on and responsibilities that I had for each please check out my Gameography page.

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