Dueling Blades

February 14, 2012 in 3d Animation, Featured

HourBlast Games just released a trailer for its first social game, Dueling Blades.  Although the trailer doesn’t show a lot of animation, it does provide a good interpretation of what can be expected from the game.  Releasing on facebook in March, Dueling Blades is a fully 3d social game that runs on the Unity 3D engine.  This allows them to not only release on facebook, but mobile applications as well.

Being a PvP game at heart the games core is combat.  Animation wise this game was a dream come true because it was solely animated be me.  From the simplest idle animations to the most complex furies I had 100% control of the games animation feel and direction. We worked so closely together to create this game, and it’s been a lot of fun. Can’t wait until it gets released out to the masses!