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Naughty Dog’s newest game trailer – “Last of Us”

December 11, 2011 in Blogging

I didn’t work on this game at all but was so blown away by it that I wanted to repost it. Sort of like an inspirational post 🙂

Please check out the games website for more information about the game at
also check out the company website at

Been Bitten

December 7, 2011 in 3d Animation

Here’s another animation I did on my spare time.  It’s a dialogue piece that has some funny British humor.

For this one a used a well known Norman rig created by Leif Jeffers, Morgan Loomis, Peter Starostin, and Neal Thibodeaux

Ninja Slice 1

December 4, 2011 in 3d Animation, Featured

A while ago I asked friends if I could have their characters to rig and create animations for my site. A friend gave me this female ninja character and I thought it might be cool to cut something in half. I figured the shot would be eye catching. After adding the VFX’s, it turned out to be a lot more “eye catching” then I expected haha. It pretty much a bloody mess.

What I’m attempting to do with this is create a small series of shots where this female ninja cuts the bad guy in half in various ways. This is the first shot from this series.